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Talent Match Summary


     Sheffield City Region has been awarded £10m from the Big Lottery Fund, to support young  people who are furthest from the job market , into work.

       There are 4 elements to the overall programme:

1)      Talent Match Coaches

2)      Peer Mentoring

3)      Enterprise Creation

4)      Work Fund Scheme

Across the 4 areas, work will be done with young adults aged 18-24 who have been NEET for at least 12 months to improve and employability skills, help overcome barriers and support them to sustainable paid employment.

Role of Talent Match Coaches

The young person is engaged by the talent match coach through partnership with Job Centre Plus, and Community Groups to try to engage the “hidden” young people.

Through 1:1 bespoke support, the young person is given help in any or all of the following areas, by the 20 job coaches throughout the region.

Travel support, childcare support, confidence building, enhancing self esteem, job creation, job search skills, employability skills, one to one coaching and retain motivation, peer mentoring, entrepreneurial and leadership aptitudes and skills, business start up, in work training and education.

The Talent Match Coaches can refer the Young Person through to a variety of tailored support through specialist service providers including financial capability, employability skills and confidence building.

The Employers Forum Role

The Young Person can be referred through to the Employers Forum, for tailored support to try and help them into work. The Forum’s Job Coaches can provide support with Mock interviews, a link to employers, providing, Peer Mentoring and work experience placements, co-ordinating with local businesses.

A Peer Mentor is an employee with the employer who provides guidance about the importance of turning up on time, regular attendance, a willingness to learn, working as part of a team and how to behave in the workplace. The Peer mentor will also provide guidance and encouragement for any work experience the young person might undertake while with you. The Peer mentor would also help to raise their awareness about the world of work and helping to build confidence. Being a mentor provides the individual with the opportunity develop their own mentoring skills, and get personal satisfaction from helping a young person.

Employers Participation in Talent Match

As an Employer, you could get involved in providing work experience opportunities for 2/3 days a week. Also, one of your team could be a “Peer Mentor” providing advice and guidance to the young person while on work experience. The ideal outcome could be a job at the end of it if it was possible.